Strip Lashes

Better than what you can buy in the store; these strip lashes allow you to live in the moment and try a new look without the commitment or worry.

$15 / 15 min

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Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes extend throughout specific points of the eye and draw incredible attention. These lashes are distinguished and full of character. Lasts up to two weeks.

$30 / 30 min

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Classic Eye Lash Extensions

Classic eye lash extensions are the perfect foundational look. They will also survive the wear and tear of everyday life and keep you looking fun and fierce. Lasts up to three weeks.

$120 / 90 min

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Allergy Test

For those who have sensitive eyes and would like to see if they can comfortably wear eyelash extensions. Three eyelash extensions will be placed on each eye to test your personal sensitivity.

$25 / 30 min

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Eye Lash Fill In

Replenish, renew and grow! Our extension fill in lashes accommodate to nearly any existing lash and provide beautiful consistent results. Lasts up to two weeks.

$45 / 45 min

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Lash Removal

Due to wide variation and application products and standards, Mind and Body Day Spa cannot re-lash eyelash extensions that have been applied by other salons or spas. Please schedule lash removal prior to your full set application.

$50 / 45 min

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