Diamond World casino the best canadian casino for punters

Diamond World casino the best canadian casino for punters

Diamond World is well known for its wide variety of bonus, available both for new and old players. Indeed, the choice between a no deposit bonus of €75 and a match bonus up to €1,000 deposit exceeds most of the gaming industry standards, and additional bonuses await anyone who spends most of his time playing in the machines to under or the Blackj ACK on this platform.As well, over time, you can also take advantage of available VIP membership only invitation which gives you extra bonuses and higher table limits.

Bonuses offered on the Diamond World french online casino

Take for example a casino bonus that a player offers €25 no deposit. A beginner and inexperienced player may spend much of this money in a slot machine, believing that in this way it will get more playing time. Although this is true and that a slot machine will allow a gambler to enjoy the game for a longer period, the chances to achieve real gains in this way are slim. It is therefore better to take these 25 euros and spend them on one hand of Blackjack. The reason is that there is actually a possibility to double his bet in one shot, that is, players can bring their original amount from € 25 to € 50. Then, the original amount of €25 can be kept while gains can be used to bet. As a result, even if the player loses the €25 in this hand, he loses no penny since these €25 with which he started the game, are the casino money. With a bit of luck, use bonus money in this way will be profitable and will greatly increase the funds of the player.

Software and games World of Diamond casino

The Diamond World Casino games are provided by RealTime Gaming or RTG, and big progressive jackpots, who made a popular name among the punters, RTG are absent on the site, there are several video slots and of smaller jackpots pro gressifs you can enjoy. There are also several varieties of Blackjack and Poker, video poker, roulette, baccarat, craps, Pontoon heaps and other games that cannot simply be found on most Internet casinos.

Support the Diamond World customer

Well as the Diamond World customer service can be slow at times in its response time, agents speak several languages and are available 24/24, 7 days/7 and 365 days in the year, by email, phone or chat. Moreover, the people living both in the United States and Europe will feel at home here since the US Dollar and the Euro are accepted. Several payment options are also accepted, which means that users with credit cards or an account with suppliers of electronic portfolios, will have no difficulty to transact with this casino. However, there is a limit of weekly withdrawal of €3,000 in which players must adhere.

Diamond World security system

Security is a priority for the Casino Diamond World. Therefore, players should not be concerned, when they provide their personal and financial information to the site. A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used, and there are also several put protocols in place to protect the information of the players while they are stored on the server. RealTime Gaming also cares about the safety and ensures that the casino owners or hackers can affect the results of one of his games.

Players who come to start with online betting games do not often benefit the most of the casino bonus that is offered to them. Indeed, no matter the type of bonus that these players are getting, there are ways, good or bad, to take advantage. Players often try to use these bonuses as a first source of funding, and this can lead to serious disappointments. In fact, what new players do not often see is that they must meet certain conditions to bet until the bonus, and sometimes even the gains associated with it, can be cashed. In fact a casino bonus must be seen only as a supplement to the money the player deposits. However, this does mean that the bonus is useless. On the contrary, when properly used, this bonus can be a great way to take a lot of money on an online casino.